DFW Daylight Savings Time Transition and ATSC

October 2015

The DST follies begin again. (For anyone that wants to see the spring 2015 version of this page, the Internet Archive should have it.) The DST change is scheduled for 1 November this fall.

Each plot shows the values for DS_status (1 means in daylight savings time), DS_day_of_month, and DS_hour.

1 Oct.

The loser in the jumping the gun race was K31GL, a low power station, who changed on 27 September. Naturally saying the change happens on the 27th. What is really interesting here is the number of stations that have gone with the 25th being the appropriate day. While that is a Sunday, it is the wrong one. On the plus side, making that change today, doesn't cause any trouble. It will if they don't switch to the correct day well before the 25th.

K31GL (RF 31)K31GL DST change information

KDFW (RF 35)KDFW DST change information

KDFI (RF 36)KDFI DST change information

KXAS (RF 41)KXAS DST change information

KDTN (RF 43)KDTN DST change information

There were of course stations that got the data correct but the timing wrong:

KFWD (RF 9)KFWD DST change information

KTVT (RF 19)KTVT DST change information

KUVN (RF 23)KUVN DST change information

KTXA (RF 29)KTXA DST change information

KJJM (RF 34)KJJM DST change information

KAZD (RF 39)KAZD DST change information

KTXD (RF 46)KTXD DST change information

KSTR (RF 48)KSTR DST change information

This confusion was apparantly enough so that my DVR didn't change the time today. The first time it has done that ever. Well, since TVGOS quit operations.

2 Oct.

Two of the stations that went with the 25th yesterday, changed their minds:

KDFI (RF 36)KDFI DST change information

KDTN (RF 43)KDTN DST change information

4 Oct.

Three stations changed on Saturday. They are using the correct data and didn't set it too early so they are doing something right.

KERA (RF 14)KERA DST change information

KPXD (RF 42)KPXD DST change information

WFAA (RF 8)WFAA DST change information

At this point there are four stations left that are indicating we are in DST but haven't set the date of the transition (RF 30,32,40,and 45). Two stations (RF 20 and 50) remain firm in insisting that we are not in DST.

6 Oct.

KDAF joins the crowd. Late but not horribly so.

KDAF (RF 32)KDAF DST change information

30 Oct.

KXAS finally changed their date from the 25th to the 1st yesterday. In spite of sending data indicating that the DST transition was going to be on the 25th, they did not perform the transition on that date.

KXAS (RF 41)KXAS DST change information

Around 5PM today, KDTX joined the crowd with correct information:

KDTX (RF 45)KDTX DST change information

KFWD on the other hand has taken a different approach. There have been several gaps in their time data over the last week and for the last day or so they have been sending no PSIP data at all.

1 Nov.

Today was the big day when everyone was supposed to change ds_status to 0, or out of DST. Most stations did that this morning although there was some variation in the time that they did it. Mostly at 2AM (CDT) or within a couple of hours. Four stations still have ds_status set to 1: KMPX, KDAF, KXTX, and KDTX. One station performed the change today even though they were saying that the change was to be on the 25th. That was KDFW, the local Fox affiliate:

KDFW (RF 35)KDFW DST change information

At least enough of them agreed on this so that my DVR wasn't totally confused today.