Breakout board for MSP430G2955

This is a simple breakout I created so I could have some simple hardware to work with before I moved on to the final hardware design. It works with the MSP430G2955 and other compatible parts in the 38 pin surface mount package. The end result is something in a 0.6" wide 38 pin footprint that can be plugged into a solderless breadboard.


The schematic and PCB layout were created using the gEDA tools.

The resistors use a 0805 footprint while the capacitors are 0603. R1 is a pullup for the reset/NMI pin while R2 and R3 are jumpers. If you use the crystal, do not install R2/R3 but if you don't and want to connect those pins to the headers, install zero Ohm jumper resistors.

I had this board fabbed at OSH Park and I have shared it there so anyone can order a set. ($8.10 for three).