5.5" ATACMS Flight 5

This flight experienced the shortest motor delay yet. Since I now have two 1/8inch diameter vent holes, the chances of this being anything other than a delay problem are close to zero. Instead of the expected 14 second delay, it was less than 6 seconds. Fortunately this rocket is very tough and it suffered only superficial damage. The anti-zipper design helped a lot too.

There was nothing unusual about the motor assembly and the delay was indeed a long because it used a short purple spacer. I didn't measure anything but the spacers are color coded. My theory is that storage along with an older H268R reload caused the problem. The burn rate catalyst in the Redline reloads is known for its tendency to migrate and shorten delays. I assumed that since everything was sealed inside bags this wouldn't be a problem.

Once again the Tether based dual deploy failed to release the main parachute. This time the cause was a tangled line from the drogue parachute preventing it from pulling off the deployment bag. At this point I have decided to not mess with the Tether any more.

Here is the data in a somewhat more raw form:

AltAcc data file. (binary, 8K)

Processed data (compressed text, 55K)