5.5" ATACMS Flight 6

6 September 2009 - Argonia Kansas

graph of velocity and acceleration

I liked the first K695R I used so I decided to try it again. This time I swapped out the stock long delay grain for the plugged version. This corrected my early deployment problem with this rocket as deployment happened when commanded by the AltAcc2 altimeter. Peak velocity was once again near Mach 1.

graph of inertial and pressure altitude

It may or may not have slipped past Mach 1 but the pressure data clearly shows the expected pressure anomalies from transonic flow.

This time I went with a simple apogee deployment of the main. It looked like a parachute duration contest entry while it was floating down but the data shows that it averaged about 22 ft/sec. (It took so long to land that the data cuts off well before touchdown.) It landed a little over one mile from the launch site in a nice worked field (missing the many patches of milo in the area) and only about 50 feet from the road. Finding it was a snap using the Sight-N-Go feature of my Garmin GPS so I didn't get a chance to practice my RF tracking skills.

I once again attempted a launch photo (using my last roll of Kodachrome). I hope it turns out better than the smoke and hint of red from the first K695.

AltAcc2 data file

Processed data (compressed text)