5.5" ATACMS Flight 7

22 May 2010, Windom, Texas

plot of acceleration and altitude

I once again tried Buritto style dual deploy using the Tether. This resulted in another failure although this one was different in that the main deployed at apogee. It landed a bit more than a mile away.

The stock delay on the J275 is "L" and as you can see from the plotted data this translated to about 11 seconds. (The AltAcc fired its apogee charge 5 seconds later. It was on track to fire shortly after 15 seconds into the flight until the motor delay charge went off.) If a "L" delay were nominally 14 seconds (which is assumed but not proven) then this would be outside of the requirements of NFPA 1125 and a failure. This reveals one of the shortcomings of Tripoli Motor Testing: they do not publish delay data in their test results. The result is that the expected delay is unknown.

AltAcc2 data file

Processed data (compressed text)