5.5" ATACMS Flight Log

Flt Flight Date/Photo Graph Motor Comments Altitude
1 LDRS 2003 AltAcc Data Aerotech K695R-L The first flight of my new ATACMS was marred by early deployment. Velocity (see graph) at deployment was just under 300 ft/sec. 6307'
2 May 2005 AltAcc Data Aerotech J460T-L Great flight. Photo by Bill Gee. 4405'
3 June 2005 AltAcc Data Aerotech J275W-L This flight included my first attempt at using the Defy Gravity Tether which didn't work as well as expected. Photo by Bill Gee. 3925'
4 August 2005 AltAcc Data Aerotech K550W-L Another attempt at using the tether and another failiure. neither of which were the fault of the Tether. 7540'
5 April 2008 AltAcc Data Aerotech J275W-L A very short motor delay and failed Tether deployment. 3500'
6 6 September 2009 AltAcc Data Aerotech K695R Perfect flight. 7,100'
7 22 May 2010 AltAcc Data Aerotech J275W-L yet another short delay 3,800'
8 3 September 2011 AltAcc Data Aerotech J275W-L yet another short delay 4,100'