PAC3 Magnetic data, Flight 4

I added a Honeywell HMC2003 three axis magnetic sensor to the RDAS to collect data on the rockets attitude. From top to bottom, the traces in the plot are acceleration, lateral axis one, lateral axis two, and longitudinal axis. The periodic blips in the data are caused by the RDAS piezo buzzer. The effect is not magnetic, it is from the current pulled by the buzzer causing the battery voltage to sag a bit.

(Note: The data has been converted to engineering units using the manufacturers specifications of a 2.5V offset and 1V/Gauss sensitivity.)

There is a very noticeable effect from the launch rail at the beginning. The rail was a BlackSky rail made from aluminum but it was reinforced with a length of iron pipe. The two lateral axis show a definite roll of about 1 revolution per second but for some strange reason it doesn't really start until after motor burnout. The longitudinal axis shows very little variation which I expected since visually this was a perfectly stable and straight up flight. Go figure. On the K560 it oscillated in pitch VERY badly.