Dave's Level 3 Certification Project

I finally have started down the road to getting (or at least trying for) a NAR level III certification. I have been thinking about it for a while but just recently took the first step. I bought a set of 75mm motor cases at NARCON 2000. So now I HAVE to build a rocket for them. (or two)

I have two candidates in mind for the project. The first is a 4" diameter model of the ERINT/PAC-3 missile. The other is a 6" diameter model of the Assault Breaker.

This is taking a while but I view level 3 certification as a journey and not a destination.

The journey is complete. My certification flight at LDRS 22 using the Assault Breaker was a success!


Assault Breaker T-22

Photo credits: Lockheed Martin