Flight 4 RDAS data

RDAS data plot

This agrees with the AltAcc showing that the RDAS deployed the drogue. It also shows that it fired its main charge without actually deploying it. The AltAcc charge was 50% larger for just this reason. It worked as designed but it is still worrying.

While examining the data I discovered that the RDAS was programmed with the most recent version of the firmware. (3.7) This was a bit of a surprise as I thought that I had changed it back to a version that was known to be biased late. But even worse is that velocity at deployment was around 75 ft/sec or nearly three seconds early. I have no idea why it was so early. It couldn't have been EMI because there was nothing resembling a GPS tracker on board for this flight.

While I had it connected I switched it back to version 3.1 of the firmware so it will be ready for its next flight on an L.