ERINT/PAC3 Scale information.<.h2>

This page contains the scale data information that I have collected on the Extended Range INTerceptor (ERINT)/Patriot Advanced Capability - 3 (PAC3) The PAC3 missile has flown several succesfull missions since 1997. The first two flights had an expanded instrumentation system in place of the seaker and flew "canned" trajectories that were designed to stress the missile and prove out its systems. This was followed with missions against tactical ballistic missiles (using a HERA target vehicle. This webpage has neat animated GIFs of a PAC-3 launch and intercept.) and air breathing targets (MQM-107 drone). See the following press releases on the Lockheed Martin website.

15 Mar. 1999
16 Sept. 1999
5 Feb. 2000
21 July 2000

The vehicle utilizes a novel manuevering system. The forward fin set is fixed and the aft set are used to steer the missile at low altitudes. During the final intercept the missile uses Attitude Control Motors. These are small solid propelant motors that push the missile around. The same concept is also used on the Hyper Velocity Missile (HVM) a.k.a. Kinetic Energy Missile (KEM) a.k.a. Line Of Site Anit Tank (LOSAT). Thiokol has a fact sheet on their web site on the HVM ACM. A little more information can be found in the Balistic Missile Defense Office (BMDO) fact sheet. It includes the diameter (255mm) and length (5.2m).

White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) has a mockup of the ERINT/PAC3 missile on display in their Missile Park. While it somewhat resembles the real ERINT/PAC3 it is not very usefull for scale data.
On the left is a closeup of the fins. They appear to be made from sheet metal folded and screwed into place. On the right is the nose which has a very peculiar shape.

That is it for now. More as it becomes available.